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Fishtown Pickle was started by Chef Mike Sicinski, a Philadelphia native and Fishtown local with a passion for all things pickled. His small batch pickles are brined using all natural ingredients. They pride themselves on quality and encouraging keeping them refrigerated for the best and freshest taste!

32 oz. Jars. 

Keep Refrigerated!

A Variety of Flavors Available :

Habanero - Did we lose you at habanero? Fear not. Our habanero dill spears are a culinary experience with some bite, but mostly just “yum.”

Philly Dilly Deli - most reminiscent of a mildly sour deli pickle. Hints of caraway seed give it a subtle anise flavor. We then add a handful of fresh dill – just so you know, we’re not playing around. 

Original Sour - this pickle is “all punch and no play.” This variety has no added sugar. It’s seriously bold, vinegar-forward and likely the most “puckery” of the bunch.

Sweet Onion - These Sweet Onion pickles are in fact cucumber pickles with onion slices for added flavor. They are mildly sweet and best described as tasting like a refreshing “cucumber-salad” pickle. They add just the right amount of tang to any sandwich.

Zesty Sweet Garlic - sweet acidity from rice wine vinegar and apple cider vinegar with warming spices like turmeric and clove to give it a unique and intense zest.