Mini Australian Meat Pie


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The traditional Aussie pie. The one sold everywhere in Australia from sporting events to gas stations, and served everywhere from office morning teas, to weekend barbecues and kids parties. True Blue Bakery starts with a strong and all butter pastry base. Strong enough to confidently hold in your hand while you bite into the crisp, all butter, flaky top. 

3 - 4 Inch Individual Pies!

Made in West Chester, Pennsylvania, at the Artisan Exchange!

A Variety of Mini Pies Available :

Traditional Australian Meat Pie :  Inside, you'll find a hearty stew of ground beef, perfectly balanced with onions, black pepper and a hearty brown gravy.

Steak & PepperA classier version of the classic Australian Meat Pie. It has the same strong, all butter pastry base, and crisp, all butter, flaky top. But inside you will enjoy a delicious combination of shredded beef, brown gravy, onions, and an extra helping of pepper.

Southern Sausage and Gravy : True Blue Bakery first American-Australian fusion. We start with our own handmade beef and pork breakfast sausage. We then make an American style breakfast gravy from scratch, using only butter, flour, milk, salt and pepper, deglazing the pan of all those flavorful brown bits left from cooking the sausages. If you've never had handmade breakfast gravy, you have not lived. And when we bake it into our pie, our pastry bottom draws some of the gravy into the crust. While it still remains as strong and stable as ever, it has an extra layer of taste baked into it. And of course, we top it with our all butter puff pastry.