Single Serve Cups- Certified Organic
Piccolo Joe Coffee

Single Serve Cups- Certified Organic

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 Piccolo Joe coffee is locally roasted in southeastern Pennsylvania, in small batches  to ensure all the natural flavor comes through. Wild grown, bird safe, pesticide and herbicide free, Piccolo Joe Coffee is crafted to deliver uncommon freshness, quality and taste to the coffee lover in you.

Certified Organic! 

12 Pods to Box.

A Variety of Flavors Available : 

Dark Roast : Robust and bold with a complex full body. This coffee is perfectly roasted to a deep, dark flavor that is never charred. Created to be a true coffee lover's coffee.

Hazelnut Blend : Hearty and full-bodied with a hint of hazelnut. This medium roast coffee is exquisitely complimented with the comforting and familiar flavor everyone loves.

Premium Decaf : A smooth, well balanced medium roast with hints of herbal and earthy undertones. This naturally decaffeinated coffee delivers the true coffee flavor missed by other decafs. So good you won't even know it's decaf.

Premium Roast : Full-bodied, oaky and toasty flavors with a hint of smooth earthy tones. This medium roast coffee will satisfy all customers from the occasional coffee drinker to the coffee connoisseur.


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